‘You put all your attention into your event, details are our job’

Our expertise, event logistics services, comprises a large line of activities, which reaches out from the performance of all procedures regarding the taking delivery of the exhibition goods from the participant up to delivering it to the exhibition point and at the end of the event, taking delivery from the exhibition point and delivering it back to the participant. All legal procedures, which differ in each country are known by ERTEM and the preparations are made accordingly. What you are left with is to exhibit your goods.

ERTEM experts supply you agency service on any subject regarding the transportation methods, local and international customs procedures, documents you have to prepare, delivery from your warehouse to the event area and back to your warehouse.

  • PICKING UP the goods from the participant
    Delivery to the distribution point for export procedures
  • Performing necessary customs procedures for temporary or definite export
  • Optimum TRANSPORT of your fair goods to any place in the world through land, air, sea, train or combined transport methods
  • Performing the temporary or definite import CUSTOMS procedures at the country of destination
  • STORING the goods in the pre-period of the event in the country of destination,
  • Performing the return custom procedures at the country of the destination
  • Performing the most suitable return transportation
  • DELIVERING to the exhibition point at the date and time requested
  • ON-SITE presentation for the needs of the customers prior, during and after the fair.
  • Supplying the necessary WORK FORCE AND TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT (forklift, transpalet, crane, etc) at the event area
  • Storage of empty boxes and packages during the event and returning them to the participants at the end of the event
  • Picking up the goods from the exhibiton point for return
  • Performing the customs entrance procedures in any country
  •  Delivering the goods to the participants

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